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Counselling at the ISCSS is not covered by health insurance and therefore the costs have to be covered by self-pay.

"Walk and Talk”

The counselling takes places during a relaxing walk in the woods, along the like or anywhere the client wishes. Many people find it easier to talk about their issues in a less formal and unforced environment. Give it a try and balance your body and mind!

How and when do I pay?

New presenting clients are asked to pay the first session cash on site. For the following sessions an invoice will be issues at the end of each month.

How many sessions do I need?

The number of sessions is individual. In many cases 5 to 10 sessions in a weekly or two-weekly periodicity will be sufficient. Depending on the issue or the client’s wishes, a longer duration with bigger intervals is also possible.


You can cancel or change your appointment via email or telephone up to 24 hours before the session without encountering any costs. Short-term cancellations or nonattendance – independent of the reason – will be charged in full.


Professional secrecy

As a healthcare professionals we are bound by professional secrecy. We therefore treat all the information we receive from you in confidence and we do not forward information to third parties without consent. 

Individual Sex Counselling (50min.)

130 CHF / 110 EUR

Couples Counselling (60min.)

160 CHF / 140 EUR

Walk and Talk 

80  CHF / 60 EUR (30min) 
130 CHF / 110 EUR (50min)