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The ISCSS endeavours to share its research findings with the public and the media wherever possible. We have both an extensive public engagement programme, as well as a strong history of media coverage.

We’re happy to assist with media enquiries relating to the research we are currently conducting. For any enquiries or specific requests, please contact our media coordinator: info@iscss21.com

A selection of current and past media engagements

  • NEWS ON SEX, DATING AND LOVE! We are happy to announce the new "OneLove" channel: 20 Minuten is publishing new articles to all subjects around love, sex, and dating.


"More love, more sex, more knowledge: Starting on the 17th of February 2020, 20 Minuten (newspaper) is dedicating one full page to a variety of topics relating to sex, relationships, love, dating, LGBTQ+, body positivity, protection and sexual health". Don't miss our daily contributions!

  • TOP TSCHEGG (2020)

«These natural products enhance your sex life»! This episode is dedicated to Valentin's Day and to the aphrodisiac effects of certain foods and nutritions. Because it is scientifically proven that certain food and spices, for example Saffron, can boost your sexual performance and increase your libido. In TOP TSCHEGG, Sex research Dr. Andrea Burri answers all your questions around food and love.

  • Women also masturbate to fall asleep (DE)


Sex researcher Andrea Burri knows, why women masturbate and why some people get a congested nose after sex. An interview without taboos (in German). 

"I wanted to become a marine biologist" (Radio Interview in German)


Sex is her daily bred. As a world-renowned sex research she investigates all the things that others talk about (or don't talk about).

Women Inspire Innovation (EN) 


On April 10, 2013, at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., eight distinguished speakers from Switzerland and the United States spoke about ways to promote the participation of women in STEM fields and shared their experience as role models for the future. The conference, entitled "Women Inspire Innovation", focused on motivation from various angles in order to engage all women in different fields of the sciences.

To speak about public engagement opportunities or events, please contact: info@iscss21.com